If you’re a hiring manager like me, focused on hiring process accuracy and HR form compliance, then you need a checklist to do almost everything.

To get your hiring process right, and be effective at each step, you need several different compliance checklists. In your hiring process you very likely could use hiring process checklists for; Employee Forms, Recruiting, Hiring, OnBoarding, Procurement, Vendor Selection, Phone Numbers and Website Addresses to your State Department of Labor or Employment Security Department.

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Hiring Forms

We’re delighted you’ve stopped in to visit Fastrack Onboard’s checklist home; where hiring forms, labor compliance posters, state employer notices, and labor policy signoffs are provided in state and province sized packages for your easy use.

The first time I searched for hiring forms I was surprises, then shocked, then… eventually, amazed.  And if you searched, as I did, then you probably found what I did too; a big goose egg. At Fastrack Onboard’s checklist site we have the hiring forms, and resources, you need for your hiring process.

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In Fastrack Onboard you’ll find the best value in HR Automation that an organization can adopt. Fastrack Onboard was created at the bequest of our clients using our hiring systems for other purposes, and they asked; “Is it possible for us to complete all of our employee forms on your system?”.

After we asked a few questions and evaluated our technology, in depth, we realized our system was well suited to the entire OnBoarding process which includes hiring and encompasses recruiting, hiring, and training, as well.

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